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Welcome to Ice Turtle Studios an Indie Game Development Studio / Startup

We are currently building things that make 2D Game development easier and faster! Utilizing HTML5 / Javascript / Python as our primary focus. Here are a few things in development.

  • HTML5 Game Tools (2D Art Tools, Generators, Creators, Widgets, etc…)
  • Game Templates (HTML5 Engines like pixi.js, phaser, Godot, etc…)
  • Full Games (Web and Cross Platform – Desktop/Android/IOS)

We need your help to make more cool stuff!! Please consider giving even just a few dollars per month on Patreon

 Patreon PREMIUM Members get (This is just the beginning)

  • Instant Art Creator
  • 5 Heroes (Spritesheets)

  Patreon STANDARD Members get

  • FREE Tools, Templates, 2D Art
  • Patreon ONLY Tools, Templates, 2D Art

Note Some Content is sold separately like Games, Larger 2D Art Packs, etc…

More to come!